2019 Community Development Block Grants awarded

The Lewis & Clark Regional Development Council’s (RDC) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Scoring and Ranking Committee met on June 5 to review two housing opportunity applications and five public facilities applications.

The committee had a total of $317,060 to award.

Housing projects were submitted by the cities of Steele and Carson to rehab one multi-family apartment complex in each city. The proposals called for using CDBG funds to purchase new shingles, windows, electric door openers, and electrical upgrades. 
The city of Benedict submitted a public facilities application for ADA to their city hall, the city of Carson for lagoon repairs, the city of Glen Ullin for new fire hydrants, Grant County for ADA to their county courthouse, and the city of Hebron for strategic planning. 

Due to the amount of funds requested and the total funds available, the committee was able to fund all seven projects. Below is a breakdown of the scores and approved funding amounts:
City: Steele                           
Project: Housing Rehab                   
Score: 938                 
Amount: $47,500          

City: Carson                         
Project: Housing Rehab                   
Score: 938                 
Amount: $64,000          

City: Carson                         
Project: Lagoon Repairs                   
Score: 578                 
Amount: $28,000          

City: Glen Ullin                   
Project: Fire Hydrants                       
Score: 572                 
Amount: $92,000

City: Grant County             
Project: ADA County Courthouse         
Score: 570                 
Amount: $34,500

City: Benedict                     
Project: ADA upgrades to City Hall                        
Score: 565                 
Amount: $27,445

City: Hebron                         
Project: Strategic Planning              
Score: 520                 
Amount: $11,750

For more information about CDBG, contact Lyle Hogue at (701) 667-7623 or at lyle@lcdgroup.org.

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