Add one regional business loan, one great business plan, and bake for success

It’s easy to find in downtown New Salem. Just look for the bright red door. Once you step over the threshold, you’ll be greeted by the rich fragrance of coffee and the sweet scents of a hometown bakery.

There is something about a small town coffee shop and bakery that is as American as, well, apple pie. And once you’re there, you’ll likely be greeted by owner Malinda Ellingson whose passion for her work is both evident and infectious.

Udderly Caffeinated – a playful take on the community’s landmark, New Salem Sue – is a niche business that very much meets a local need.

A Regional Draw

“I love serving people. We average 75 customers a day. We have served over 300 people per day during travel season and when there are big events in town,” says owner Malinda Ellingson.

“Coffee and baked treats are always a draw.”

Ellingson’s passion for baking started at an early age, growing up in and around the kitchen.
“My mother worked in a bakery when I was a child and I thought that it was the best job in the world. I earned my degree in culinary arts and spent my career working in restaurants and bakeries,” recalls Ellingson.
It was around 2014 that the idea of owning a bakery and starting a catering business took ahold of her.

“I knew what I wanted to do and what it would involve,” says Ellingson. “What I didn’t know was I develop such a love for making coffee.”
Udderly Caffeinated’s offers a full espresso bar with drip coffees, fruit smoothies, Italian sodas, Frappuccinoes, and more.

But baking and catering is Ellingson’s passion and to provide the menu she wanted, she needed a full service commercial kitchen.
That’s where Lewis & Clark Development Group came in.

Regional Business Loan Helped with Critical Upgrades
Malinda and her husband and fellow co-owner, Nolan, worked with their lender at Security First Bank in New Salem, who introduced them to LCD Group. The Ellingson’s business qualified for a loan through an LCD Group Intermediary Relending Program (IRP).
“The program allowed us to finish our commercial kitchen. We now have a fully equipped top-of-the-line hood system so we can use a fryer and gas stove. This allows us to provide more options and expand our menu,” says Ellingson.

With her full service commercial kitchen, Ellingson and her full-time baker, along with four part-time employees, bake daily sweet treats, breads, cookies, cheesecake, and kuchen as well as prepare breakfast and lunch options. The business also bakes cakes and desserts for weddings and special occasions in addition to preparing and serving catered meals.
LCD Group Commercial Lending Director Matt Burthold says IRP loans are uniquely structured to help clients like the Ellingsons.
“The loan allowed them to not only update the kitchen but to make other building upgrades that make it even more inviting and customer-friendly,” says Burthold.

“They’ve built up a dedicated customer base. Malinda’s passion for the food industry is apparent when you walk into Udderly Caffeinated. This is a prime example of the ideal client meeting the perfect loan program.”

High Marks for Customer Service

Malinda, who prides herself on providing quality customer service, has nothing but praise for the service she received from Burthold and LCD Group.
“Matt was extremely kind and very easy to communicate with. Any questions we had were answered efficiently. We always knew exactly what was going to happen. The one-on-one communication was big for us. Trying to fit in meetings with our busy schedule is hard, but Matt was so willing to work with us. This made the entire experience a pleasant one,” says Ellingson.

Both Malinda and Nolan have seen business growth since upgrading the kitchen.

“We would not be here if it weren’t for each one of our customers. We are excited to be able to offer even more to them.”
Udderly Caffeinated is located at 322 Main Avenue in New Salem. It’s open 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM Tuesday through Friday and from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturdays.

Contact Matt Burthold at (701) 667-7601 or at for more information about LCD Group’s regional business programs or click here to learn more