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Frequently Asked Questions

What ways can I apply for housing?

We have several different ways for you to apply. You can call our property manager and they can mail it, email it or you could drop by our office and we can assist you.  You can also go on our website and fill it out online.

How do I pay rent:

This is also an area we pride ourselves in as far as customer service – you can drop the rent off in the rent box at your property, you can go online and pay rent with your credit card, debit card or ACH.

What if I have bad credit:

It seems like we all have had issues in life that caused us to have some blemishes on our credit. Our main concern when we look at credit is if we can feel comfortable that you will pay your rent on a monthly basis.  If you owe another landlord money, we would expect that you have a payment plan.  Once we pull your credit report and we find that we have to deny your application, there is an option to come back and ask for a waiver.

CommunityWorks North Dakota’s MFH Director:

Paulette Paulson

  • MFH Director, CommunityWorks North Dakota
  • Housing and Property Management Group Director, Lutheran Social Services (2012-2020)
  • Area Specialist and Loan Specialist, USDA Rural Development (1998-2012)
  • 22 years of experience in community development in both the government and nonprofit sectors

Contact Paulette

(701) 667-7606

Looking for property management of a multi-family property?

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