Board Member Spotlight: Jennifer Henderson, CommunityWorks North Dakota

Lewis & Clark Development Group is fortunate to benefit from the expertise of so many state and community leaders who serve on our three boards of directors. Their service and support allows LCD Group’s three entities – Lewis & Clark Regional Development Council (RDC), Lewis & Clark Certified Development Company (CDC), and CommunityWorks North Dakota (CWND) – to fulfill our mission and positively impact businesses, communities, families, and individuals throughout North Dakota.

We are launching a new series profiling these board members. We’ve invited CommunityWorks North Dakota director Jennifer Henderson to share her thoughts about the role and impact CommunityWorks North Dakota is having on the state’s communities.

About Jennifer Henderson

Jennifer Henderson joined the CommunityWorks North Dakota Board of Directors in 2019. She oversees the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency’s (NDHFA) planning and housing development division. The division provides community leaders and housing developers with technical and financial assistance needed to define local housing needs, devise development strategies, and position communities for growth.

Henderson has been at NDHFA since 2013 and has 17 years of experience in banking and housing. She began her career working the mortgage division of American Bank Center. A native of Streeter, North Dakota, and a resident of Bismarck, Henderson understands the unique challenges of both rural and urban communities.

Outside the office and board room, Henderson and her family enjoy the outdoors. They are avid year-round hikers. They enjoy summers at the lake. And winter will find them outside taking in ice skating, sledding, and cross-country skiing. Henderson says when she’s not outdoors with her family, she is in the kitchen trying to sharpen her chef skills or, during gardening season, in the backyard engaged in a never-ending battle of wits with rabbits.

What makes CommunityWorks North Dakota’s work meaningful to you?

Having safe and well-maintained affordable housing can be transformative for low- to moderate-income households. CommunityWorks’ mission to provide affordable housing and development opportunities throughout North Dakota contributes to the success of low-income families.

What impact is CommunityWorks North Dakota having on North Dakota’s communities?

CommunityWorks’ partnerships with local communities and developers have helped to develop and create housing opportunities statewide, including in many rural communities. There are few organizations with the capacity to provide those opportunities for our rural communities, that is what makes CommunityWorks especially important to North Dakota.