DREAM Fund gives family a new home and their daughter “independence and dignity”

Since its creation, the DREAM Fund has consistently been one of Lewis & Clark Development Group’s most popular programs. It’s also one of the most ‘feel good’ programs you can imagine.

The DREAM Fund provides financing that traditional lenders cannot accommodate such as providing assistance for down payment and closing costs, rehabilitation, emergency repairs, construction and construction bridge loans, along with mortgage assistance to overcome lending barriers, including appraisal and affordability gaps.

Early in August, LCD Group was able to help a family find and modify a new home to accommodate their daughter who is wheelchair bound.

The family’s current home was not able to be modified. Anytime the coupled needed to get their daughter in and out of the house they had to call for assistance from medical professionals. 

The family found another house that fit their daughter’s needs, but still required slight modifications. First International Bank & Trust did the first mortgage and LCD Group, through the DREAM Fund, did the second mortgage. Together, with the bank and the DREAM Fund, the family secured 100 percent financing and used the proceeds from the sale of their current home to make a few upgrades to accommodate their daughter’s wheelchair. 

Now the family is able to get their daughter out of their home without assistance.

LCD Group does not provide the names of DREAM Fund clients but LCD Group Housing Director Lisa Pogatshnik says this project illustrates the impact the fund has on many people. 

“These are the type of projects that give me the most satisfaction,” says Pogatshnik. 

“This project in particular was meaningful because we were able to give a family not only a home that met their daughter’s needs but we gave her a degree of independence and dignity. In my work, it really doesn’t get any better than that.”

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