If you need assistance to make a down payment, help with closing costs, rehabilitate your home, make emergency repairs, or fill in affordability gaps then the DREAM Fund may be ideal for you.

The DREAM Fund provides financing that traditional lending programs cannot accommodate by assisting with…

 Down payment and closing costs


Emergency Repairs

And other housing-related loans, including construction and construction bridge loans

Mortgage assistance to overcome lending barriers, including appraisal and affordability gaps

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the DREAM Fund?

The DREAM Fund only offers financing that traditional lenders are unable to provide. Potential borrowers must talk to their lenders first.

The DREAM Fund is not intended to be a lower-cost alternative to traditional financing. And it only provides loans to borrowers who have, or can, demonstrate the character and capacity to meet their loan requirements.

Who is Eligible?

Persons living throughout North Dakota and in Corson County, South Dakota are eligible for the DREAM Fund.

What are the Requirements?

The property must be owner-occupied within 60 days of the loan closing, except in the case of construction financing. Mobile homes not on a permanent foundation do not qualify. Homebuyer education may be required.

What are the Rates and Terms?

Rates and terms are structured so total payments are affordable to you, the borrower. Your interest rates are typically at market rate or lower.

What are the fees?

An application fee is charged. Fees for other out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Lewis & Clark Development Group may also be applied.


Who do I contact?

Lisa Pogatshnik will be happy to assist you.

(701) 667-7603


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