East Coast couple relocates to Mott to ranch, start South Forty Beef

John and Kim Roswech were like many other families living in the daily hustle and bustle of the Northeast. 

John had a successful job in New York City as an executive in a technology company. Kim was a stay-at-home mom whose days were filled with caring for their children, shuttling them to and from activities, along with tending to the family’s dogs and horses.

The Roswechs had realized their American Dream — at least as it is commonly defined and measured by many of their contemporaries.

To break away from the proverbial rat race John would make frequent trips to the Great Plains to feed his fervent passion for pheasant hunting. It was on these trips that he fell in love with North Dakota and the American West.  Twelve years ago, the couple purchased land near Mott, North Dakota.

“I really wanted a place where I could always go to hunt. I also needed a place to settle my busy mind and schedule,” John observes. 

What the Roswechs quickly realized was that the land was more than a haven. It became a draw. Frequent trips back home found them yearning to return to North Dakota.

A Lifestyle Change, a Business Idea, and Help from a SBA 504 Loan 

Once their children had graduated from high school, the couple decided to leave the East Coast and move west. John and Kim were ready for a lifestyle change.

Ever entrepreneurial, John and Kim became ranchers. The Roswechs purchased a herd of Black Angus cattle and decided to build a state-of-the-art packing plant. Thus, South Forty Beef was born.

Most of the Black Angus cattle for South Forty Beef are raised by the Roswechs at their ranch. The couple also proudly partners with other select local Black Angus ranchers to ensure there is a steady supply of high-quality beef available for their customers.

“Northern Dakota beef is simply the best beef in the world,” says John. “Kim and I believe in the American rancher and we support the ranch lifestyle.”

Lewis & Clark Development Group, through the SBA 504 Loan, was able to provide financing to help the Roswechs construct and equip a 5,900-plus square foot USDA-inspected meat packing facility in Mott.

“This has been an enjoyable project to work on,” adds Derrick Becker, LCD Group SBA 504 loan officer. “Here is a couple who moved to North Dakota to build a business that is sustainable and is value-added to the local economy.”

Value-added may be an understatement.

Demand Exceeding Expectations

A picture containing sky, outdoor, building, barnDescription automatically generatedJohn was confident when he launched South Forty Beef, but admits the response has exceeded even his expectations.

“We are receiving orders from across the Dakotas. People are embracing our business and promoting our beef through word of mouth,” notes John.

“I cannot tell you how many customers we’ve had who have learned about us from a friend or acquaintance. This goes to prove that people will travel a great distance for high quality beef and excellent customer service.”

It did not take long for the Roswechs to realize they needed to expand their cattle operation even more. South Forty Beef now raises Black Angus in northwest South Dakota, as well as southwest North Dakota. In addition, the family  purchased property in the Black Hills, as a much-needed place of rest for family and friends.

“We oversee the entire process from ranch to table. When you purchase South Forty Beef,  you can be assured it is of the highest quality,” says John. “Kim and I are fully committed to helping the ranching community thrive in the beautiful American West.”

The Roswechs encourage people to visit their website to learn more about South Forty Beef. John also extends a dinner invitation. 

“When you support South Forty Beef, you are investing in the American western lifestyle,” says John. “The dinner bell is ringing, come grab a plate.” 

For more information about the SBA 504 Loan, visit LCD Group’s website or contact Becker at (701) 667-7622 or at derrick@lcdgroup.org.

You can also contact LCD Group Senior Lending Director Ashley Hruby at (701) 667-7607 or email her at ashley@lcdgroup.org.


South Forty Beef may be purchased at these locations

Cashwise Grocery Locations: Dickinson, Bismarck (both locations), Dickinson, Fargo (both locations), Jamestown, Minot, Moorhead (MN), Stanley, Tioga, Watford City, West Fargo, Williston

Other Grocers: Bisman Co-op – Bismarck; Karma Stores – Minot; Krause Market – Garrison; Regent Co-op Grocer – Regent

Restaurants:Blue 42 – Dickinson
Paragon – Dickinson
Fluffy Fields – Dickinson
Green 19 – Dickinson
Grub Tub – Dickinson
Elks Club – Dickinson
Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant – Dickinson
Little Missouri – Medora, ND
Bottoms Up – Mott
Station West – Mandan
Slezak Bakken BBQ & Bakery – Watford City
Elys Ivy – Grand Forks
Fargo Country Club – Fargo
Luna – Fargo
Wild Oats – Lemmon, SD
The Good Stuffed – Rapid CityPrairie Knights Casino
Deadwood Mountain Grand – South Dakota


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