Ensuring affordable housing remains available in Belfield, LCD Group acquires Greenfield Heights

Lewis & Clark Development Group has acquired ownership of Greenfield Heights in Belfield, North Dakota. 

The townhomes had previously been owned and operated by Lutheran Social Services (LSS) Housing, which ceased operations earlier this year.

“When LSS ended operations, many communities like Belfield were left in a significant bind,” says LCD Group Executive Director Brent Ekstrom.

“We have taken over management duties for many former LSS properties across the state but we stepped in to purchase Greenfield Heights so these houses would not be vacated,” added Ekstrom.

Located directly 24 miles west of Dickinson, Belfield was very much in the center of the Bakken energy boom. At the boom’s height, Belfield saw a surge of traffic coming through the city, along with new residents. This all contributed to increased costs for goods and, of course, housing.

Paulette Paulson, LCD Group multi-family housing director, says Greenfield Heights is unique among LCD Group properties. 

“Greenfield Heights offers two and three bedroom twin homes. Each unit has either an attached or detached garage, paved driveways, private entrances, front and back yards, personal laundry, and all wood vinyl flooring,” says Paulson. “It offers an ideal home for families, singles, seniors, or those with disabilities.”

“As with all of our properties, Lewis and Clark Development Group will be making improvements as we go along. Fortunately, these homes are move in ready and, most importantly, they meet the affordable housing crunch in western North Dakota,” notes Paulson.

Rent varies by unit and LCD Group is offering the first month rent-free for those who sign the lease before the first snowfall. Those interested in the properties are encouraged to call (701) 595-9577.

Lewis & Clark Development Group is a NeighborWorks America chartered member.

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