Exemplary: Lewis & Clark Development Group earns NeighborWorks America’s highest rating

Since 1995, CommunityWorks North Dakota has been working to improve affordable housing and advance community development across our state. And it’s made an impact – an impact in excess of more than $125 million over the last two decades.

“When you’re talking total impacts in that amount you’re talking about a transformative effect,” says Brent Ekstrom, executive director of the Lewis & Clark Development Group.

CommunityWorks North Dakota – which is part of the Lewis & Clark Development Group – is one of 240 certified community development organizations within NeighborWorks America’s national network.

It is the only such organization in North Dakota – and now it’s a member of an elite group.

NeighborWorks America recently changed CommunityWorks’ organizational health rating from Strong to Exemplary – the highest rating possible for organizations within the NeighborWorks network.

To qualify for exemplary status, NeighborWorks network members must exceed performance standards in the following areas: Production and program services, resource and financial management, and organizational management and board governance. 

The change in designation is in recognition of CommunityWorks North Dakota’s financial health and record of service in carrying out its mission.

“This rating change not only reaffirms our work, it also strengthens our hand when it comes to securing additional resources to assist communities,” says Ekstrom. “And that’s why this upgrade is really a big deal.”