Getting the news out on programs that allow seniors to age in their homes

It’s a challenge that eventually confronts every family: How do you keep your elderly loved one in their home for as long as possible?

The desire to maintain independence eventually comes up against the reality of floor plans not suited to meet the changes that come with age. Fortunately there are programs available to help both residents and families meet these needs but many don’t know they exist.

Providing information: LCD Group Housing Director Lisa Pogatshnik recently spoke about these options to a packed gathering in Lakota, North Dakota. Pogatshnik was one in a series of speakers that informed Nelson County residents about available resources to help residents age in their home.

“This event was geared to providing information about what can be done to keep the person in their home as long as possible,” said Pogatshnik. “I specifically talked about lending money for ADA compliant bathrooms and walked attendees through what banks may or may not finance.”

DREAM Fund can help: CommunityWorks North Dakota, part of Lewis & Clark Development Group, provides the DREAM Fund, which can address many of these critical needs. The DREAM Fund provides financing that traditional lenders are unable to provide. This innovative program helps borrowers finance rehabilitation costs such as making bathrooms ADA compliant and replacing roofs.

“One issue that frequently comes up with older homes is the need to replace a roof in order to maintain insurance coverage. That’s a major expense for a senior citizen on a fixed income. The DREAM Fund can help,” adds Pogatshnik.

“Banks often have terms of only five years for such loans, but we can go 10 to 15 years to make it affordable to a senior.”

Making second mortgages possible: More and more families are having elderly family members move into their homes. This requires making a number of significant accommodations. 

“We see this more and more. So many families don’t have enough equity in their home to take out a second mortgage. Fortunately, LCD Group can help,” notes Pogatshnik.

“Through the DREAM Fund, we can go up to 120 percent of the value of the home to get the rehab work done to allow the elderly family member to safely live in their home.”

It’s all about dignity and peace of mind:
 For Pogatshnik, the beauty of the DREAM Fund is how innovative this program is and how it provides peace of mind for many, especially elderly clients.

“Because of privacy rights, we don’t do client spotlight stories on DREAM Fund recipients. That’s a good thing because we protect their privacy. But it also doesn’t allow us to tell you how big an impact the program has on their lives. For our elderly clients especially, the DREAM Fund gives their families peace of mind and them dignity to age in their home and maintain their independence.”

Dig deeper: Click here to learn more about the DREAM Fund or contact Pogatshnik at (701) 667-7603 or at

Lewis & Clark Development Group, through CommunityWorks North Dakota, is the only chartered NeighborWorks America (NWA) organization in North Dakota. Jennifer Henderson and Nicole Schurhamer are both members of CommunityWorks North Dakota’s Board of Directors. 

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