Hazen projects highlight Lewis & Clark Development Group’s impact on rural communities

Over the years, Lewis & Clark Development Group has delivered more than $92 million in grants and loans in projects across North Dakota, which have leveraged $355 million more in total investments, creating thousands of jobs.

Many of these projects have positivelyimpacted rural communities by addressing long-standing economic development challenges and housing and infrastructure needs. Regardless of the community, whether its rural or urban, there is a multiplier effect that takes place after dollars are invested in a community. This is especially true and more noticeable in rural communities. 

One case in point can be found in Hazen, North Dakota with the construction of the Hazen Pioneer Apartments. The complex is a redevelopment of the community’s former Pioneer Park Nursing Home and the surrounding city park. The new 18-unit facility opened last fall. It includes four fully handicap-accessible apartments and is reserved for income-qualified individuals.

The project was truly a collaborative community development project involving Lewis & Clark Development Group, the City of Hazen, the North Dakota Department of Health, and North Dakota Housing Finance Agency. Hazen’s Union State Bank financed the project, of which Lewis & Clark Development Group provided $60,000 in a pre-development loan. 

As Lewis & Clark Development Group helped address Hazen’s housing needs, it also worked to foster greater local economic development. Hazen Family Eyecare’s location in a new business center off of Highway 200 in the northwest part of town is an ideal location for business throughout the area. The clinic was founded in 2015 by Dr. Derek Czywczynski. It employs four full-time professionals and serves many of the surrounding communities including Beulah, Stanton, Halliday, Pick City, Washburn, and Underwood.

The Hazen Pioneer Apartments and Hazen Family Eyecare projects are the type of projects that – while often unnoticed – have significant impacts on a community’s quality of life and economic well-being. And they are exactly the type of projects Lewis & Clark Development Group supports every day for communities throughout North Dakota.


Additional information provided by N.D. Housing Finance Agency