Jamestown will now have a new recycling processing center thanks to an SBA 504 loan

A former Coca Cola plant will soon have a new lease on life and the city of Jamestown will soon have a new recycling processing center, thanks to the SBA 504 Loan program. The project was financed by American Bank Center out of Dickinson and Lewis & Clark Development Group. 

Processing Center
The City of Jamestown has mandatory recycling through Recycle North Dakota, which will purchase the 32,000 square foot facility located within Jamestown. With some modifications to this building and the addition of a new baler and sorting equipment, the company will have space to expand well into the future. 

The flow of product through the building, which includes drop-off, tipping, sorting, baling and storage, will allow Recycle North Dakota to not only handle the material from Jamestown but also process material from multiple other locations around the state.  This will also be the location of the commercial business drop-off site, as well as the location of the electronic scrap dismantling portion of the business. 

The company will also maintain a drop-off site in the same building allowing residents outside of Jamestown city limits to continue to recycle.  This location will have clearly labeled boxes indicating the content of each, and will include all of the material that is picked up in the curb-side single-steam collection program.  Items that are not included in the curb-side pick-up, such as glass, clothing, shoes and hard-cover books, will be accepted at this drop-off site. As an added benefit, there is also a location where certain appliances may be dropped off. 

Office Functions
The facility will also house a fully functioning office that will handle more than just incoming inventory. In addition to management, the office will have a customer service representative from 9 AM to 6 PM to answer incoming phone calls regarding complaints and questions. A customer complaint form will be filled out, tracking the reason for the complaint and the resolution of the complaint. To ensure the highest degree of service, a complaint report will be filed with the City on a monthly basis.

Recycle North Dakota staff will also keep track of all the gross, tare and net weights for each truck load, as well as manage and prepare all of the monthly and annual reports, material composition analysis, and annual calendar.

The company will also have a route supervisor in place who will be responsible for keeping the vehicles properly equipped with safety vests and communication devices.

An Ideal 504 Loan Project
The Recycle North Dakota center is exactly the type of project the SBA 504 Loan program was designed for. It does more than simply renovate an existing building, it provides more economic opportunity for the region, and meets an important need.

To learn more about the SBA 504 program, contact Tracy Whitney at (701) 667-7602 or at tracy@lcdgroup.org for more information.