LCD Group’s Lyle Hogue wins National Senior Pro Rodeo Bull Riding Championship

To those who have the pleasure of working with him, Lyle Hogue is the go-to guy on all matters related to community development. As LCD Group’s community development coordinator, Hogue  works closely with federal and state government agencies, lenders and community leaders across North Dakota.

But to those who know Lyle outside of work, they know a man whose professionalism in the office is matched – and often exceeded – by his passion for bull riding. 

Born and raised in Wilton, Hogue has been participating in rodeos on and off since he was a child. When he turned 50, an age where many riders have long since called it a ride, Hogue climbed back on a bull after a trip to the National Senior Pro Rodeo.

“I heard about these old guys riding bulls and I was like, no way, I can’t believe it. So my wife and I went down to Wyoming to attend my first Senior Rodeo to see for ourselves these old guys still getting on bulls,” said Hogue. “Of course, I thought if they can do it, I can do it,” said Hogue.

A year later, he joined the National Senior Pro Rodeo Association. He admits that to some it seemed crazy but, for him, it was all about chasing his dream of winning a world championship title. 

“This is what cowboys dream about all of our lives to be the world champion. I dreamt that as a kid and I’ve been chasing it since joining the Senior Pro Rodeo Association.”

It hasn’t been easy. Hogue has had his shares of injuries including a broken pelvis that left him unable to walk for a month. But Hogue noted that it just comes with the territory of being a professional bull rider.

“There’s a lot of risk but there’s also great reward,” adds Hogue. 

Earlier this month, all of his years of work, injury, and risk paid off as he competed at the National Senior Pro Rodeo in Oklahoma.

“In order to qualify to go to nationals, I had to compete in seven rodeos throughout the year. When you place in the rodeos, you get points. Those points are accumulated throughout the year culminating in a year-end champion.”

There are three regions in the association. The person with the most points in each region goes to the national finals.

Hogue entered into the nationals sitting in first place for riders aged 60 and older.

“I was the only 60 and over bull rider that came into the finals with 120 points because no other bull rider made a qualified ride this year,” explains Hogue.

“At the finals we go on three bulls. I only made a qualified ride on my last bull but that was enough for me to be able to win the 60 and over world championship.”

As champion, Hogue received a custom made saddle and belt buckle, which he says he’ll always treasure. But most importantly, he received the sense of satisfaction that comes only from pursuing excellence in a chosen endeavor and coming out on top.

Hogue says it’s a dream come true to be a world champion. But that doesn’t mean that he’ll be riding off into the sunset any time soon.

Hogue says he plans to continue riding for the foreseeable future. “I’m a cowboy. As I’m able to, I will keep on riding. It’s just who I am. “

Courtesy and Credits: Lyle Hogue; KX News

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