Mortgage loan financing made more accessible to North Dakota residents

(Source: InForum) — The North Dakota Housing Finance Agency will now provide mortgage loan assistance to individuals and families with a higher yearly income in most counties, and they have increased the purchase price limit for financed properties.

Changes in the income and acquisition limits come from the Internal Revenue Service and are made on a county or state basis, state officials said in a news release.

The acquisition cost limits for the programs FirstHome and HomeAccess increased from $349,525 to $481,176 for single-family homes. Two-four unit dwellings have higher limits, state officials said.

The maximum annual income limits of $96,800 to $128,685 updated to a range of $100,400 to $127,420 and are dependent on the size of the household and the county it’s located in, state officials said.

More information about the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency homeownership programs may be found online at

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