N.D. Opportunity Fund provides financing for new veterinary clinic in Turtle Lake

Lewis and Clark Regional Development Council (RDC) has approved a loan through the North Dakota Opportunity Fund for interim financing to purchase and upgrade a property in Turtle Lake for a new business, North Country Veterinary Clinic. 

A portion of the long-term financing for this project will also be completed by Lewis & Clark Certified Development Company (CDC) with the SBA 504 loan program.  The Bank of Turtle Lake is the lead bank on the project. 

North Country Veterinary Clinic, PLLC will be a mixed animal veterinary clinic located at 1677 7th Street NW, Turtle Lake. They will provide surgical, pharmaceutical, and vaccination services on-site for livestock and small animals. A mobile small animal vaccination service will be available for surrounding communities.
North Country Veterinary Clinic, PLLC is a new entity formed by Dr. Andrea Schlafmann, who was raised on a farm just outside of Mercer. Schlafmann has worked in vet clinics since she was 15 years old. After receiving her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, she worked at another clinic for 3 1/2 years to gain experience before deciding to fill an important gap in services and open her own clinic in her hometown.
Dr. Schlafmann anticipates the new clinic will create three new full- and part-time jobs.

For more information about the North Dakota Opportunity Fund, please contact Matt Burthold.

Matt Burthold

Matt Burthold

Commercial Lending Director



Phone: 701.667.7601

Email: matt@lcdgroup.org

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