Study says North Dakota housing not affordable, state needs another 13,000 affordable units to rent

(Story Credit & Source: KX News) - A new study released by the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency shows what the current state of housing looks like here in North Dakota. According to the study, North Dakotans aren’t making enough money to pay for monthly...

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Filling a growing gap: LCD Group expands into property management services

As the need for affordable housing in North Dakota continues to grow, so does the demand for property management specializing in servicing properties that primarily offer housing to low-to-moderate income families. Managing these properties often involves working with...

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“We might not still be here without it.” LCD Group helping businesses during these tough times.

One of Mandan's oldest family-owned small businesses and one of its newest dining establishments have received funding from Lewis & Clark Regional Development Council's Small Business Pandemic Recovery Revolving Loan Fund. Helping meet new demands Hirsch...

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