Nicole Berger has joined Lewis & Clark Development Group

Nicole Berger is Lewis & Clark Development Group’s new administrative assistant. Her first official day on the job was March 9th, mere days before the office closed to the public and employees began working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While her first months on the job were not what she expected, Berger finds her new role to be an ideal fit.

“I originally applied for the position because I wanted a new opportunity,” says Berger, who credits her co-workers as one of the reasons why she enjoys working for LCD Group.

“My co-workers are what I love most about working at Lewis and Clark. They are the most down to earth people I have ever worked with. It’s fun to come to work. I love being part of a group that’s making a difference for communities and businesses across North Dakota.”

Berger, a Mandan native, commutes from Center where she lives with her husband and their two teenage daughters. She worked in the health insurance and energy industries over the course of 18 years before joining LCD Group. When she’s not in the office, Berger enjoys spending time outdoors camping, fishing, and kayaking with her family.

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