North Dakota Opportunity Fund helps Casselton-based Midnight Solutions expand, prepare for future growth

Lewis & Clark Development Group, through the North Dakota Opportunity Fund, has helped Midnight Solutions Technologies relocate and finance a new building.

The Casselton-based company provides wireless internet, security systems, data and computer services to Casselton and the outlying rural communities of Mapleton, Amenia, Harwood, West Fargo, Fargo, Horace, Durbin, Davenport, Chaffee, and Wheatland. The company currently owns four internet towers and numerous repeating towers to serve its clients throughout the region.

From a Jack-Of-All-Technology-Trades to Internet Business Owner

Doug Howard started Midnight Solutions in 2004 after spending a decade working in IT for another company. Like so many small business owners, Howard’s idea for his business came from doing some work on the side. In his case, from helping fix co-workers’ personal computers. 

“Growing up as a farm and ranch kid in rural North Dakota provided me a unique skill set to fix and figure out things,” says Howard. “I became a jack of all trades in the technology industry. Once I started fixing co-worker’s personal computers, it snowballed from there.”

Shortly after starting Midnight Solutions, an unexpected opportunity presented itself when a small internet company in Fargo went up for sale. Howard, seeing a promising chance to expand his business beyond computer repair and services, purchased the business

“We saw a great need in many underserved communities and, as a result of buying the company, we were able to expand internet services to the surround rural areas,” adds Howard who proudly admits Midnight Solutions has grown out of its former location.

“We were bursting at the seams.” Howard says the new property, located at 826 Front Street in Casselton, will provide for efficiencies and additional room for future growth.

“Technology is constantly changing and demand will only grow. We are in the process of upgrading our internet system and product lines. The new and upgraded office space will help us work more efficiently and streamline the services we offer,” said Howard.

Like almost every other business, Midnight Solutions is looking for more employees.  

“We are in need of help and our new location can provide a more conducive work environment for our new hires,” notes Howard.

The North Dakota Opportunity Fund was “The Best Fit”

The North Dakota Opportunity Fund leverages private financing to help small business owners, like Doug Howard, attain loans and investments to expand their businesses and create jobs.

Lewis & Clark Development Group manages the fund, which is available in 38 municipalities throughout North Dakota, including Casselton, Fargo, and West Fargo.

LCD Group worked with Howard’s lender, Kraig Bittner of BankNorth of Casselton to help finance the project. 

“At BankNorth, one of our core values is to exceed expectations and serving the needs of customers in our communities is a priority. During our meetings with Doug we discussed the building financing and all areas of their business. Once we discussed the goals and objectives of the expansion, we were able to tailor the financing package which best served their needs,” says Bittner.

“After looking at options available, it was clear the North Dakota Opportunity Fund was the best fit for their business plans. Matt and the team at Lewis and Clark Development Group were there to assist every step of the way for both the customer and the bank,” adds Bittner.

For his part, LCD Group Commercial Lending Director Matt Burthold says the project was a perfect marriage of client and lender.

“Midnight Solutions is well-established, profitable, and highly respected. They have a plan and a clear vision. It was a no-brainer to help Doug expand his company and help a committed small town lender, like BankNorth, fill in some of the financing gaps that always come up in projects like this,” said Burthold. 

Turning Vision Into Reality

“The North Dakota Opportunity Fund has allowed us to move into a bigger building and remodel it to fit our business needs. Having a lender, like Kraig, who was knowledgeable about the North Dakota Opportunity Fund made the process a lot easier,” Howard says. 

“We are grateful for this opportunity and I’m excited to see my vision for our company’s growth become a reality.” 

Click here for more information about the North Dakota Opportunity Fund or contact Matt Burthold at (701) 667-7601 or at

To learn more about Midnight Solutions, visit their website at

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