Prairie Ridge Apartments to help growing demand for senior housing in Fargo area

Construction is now in the final stages and occupancy is filling up fast for Prairie Ridge Apartments in Fargo. 

When it opens later this fall, the 120-unit complex will help meet the critical housing needs for the Fargo metro area’s growing 55-plus population, which is exactly why the project was undertaken by CR Builders and CommunityWorks North Dakota.

CommunityWorks North Dakota is part of the Lewis & Clark Development Group. It is the only state chartered NeighborWorks America (NWA) organization in North Dakota. 

Public-Private Support Key

Prairie Ridge is the fourth such collaboration between CR Builders and LCD Group. Like other projects of its type, public-private support was essential. 

The project is slated to come in at around $24 million. Of that amount, $3 million was provided by the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency (NDHFA) from the state’s Housing Incentive Fund (HIF). 

In addition to its strong relationship with CR Builders, LCD Group enjoys a long-standing partnership with NDHFA.

Over the years, LCD Group has utilized NDHFA financing for rehabilitation and development of multifamily housing in both urban and rural areas. Through state and federal grant programs, LCD Group has been able to provide direct and indirect assistance to municipalities in meeting pressing multi-family housing needs.

Among the most pressing of North Dakota’s housing needs is finding affordable senior housing. This challenge is especially pronounced in the state’s largest cities.

When looking at the Fargo market, CR Builders President Don Sterhan looked at overall demand and affordability. What he saw made him want to contribute to meeting the need.

“The demand is very high. Particularly in this kind of (economic) environment at an affordable price,” Sterhan told the Fargo Forum earlier this year.

Excellent Location

For both CR Builders and LCD Group, location is always key.

“You must locate senior housing in area that has many amenities available within the surrounding area. As they say in real estate, it’s all about location and we feel that we could not have found a better location for Prairie Ridge,” says Brent Ekstrom, LCD Group executive director. 

Located at 3361 Westrac Drive, the complex is in close proximity to West Acres Shopping Center and surrounding restaurants and grocery stores.

Ekstrom and Sterhan regard the project as a prime example of smart growth. 

“We have taken a previously underutilized lot and placing a large residential complex on the location, which places residents in close proximity to services to meet many basic needs. This cuts down on driving, utilizes existing public transit, and enhances property values in the area,” adds Ekstrom.

As Sterhan noted to the Fargo Forum, one project like Prairie Ridge Apartments cannot solve Fargo’s senior housing challenge but it makes a difference.

“We’re chipping away at the edges,” says Sterhan. “We’re not solving the entire problem, but we feel like we’re making a dent.”

Prairie Ridge Apartments will be managed by Lewis & Clark Property Management.

To Apply: Applications are still being accepted to live at Prairie Ridge Apartments. Those who are interested may contact LCD Group’s Lindsey Christensen at or by calling (701) 425-4122.  

Photo Credits:
 Lewis & Clark Property Management
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