SBA 504 Loan and NDOF packed a one-two punch for one LCD Group client

Bis-Man Chiropractic and Acupunture had outgrown its location. For owners Rachael and Lance Wiegel it was a good problem to have.

Specializing in chiropractic care, massage, and acupunture, Bis-Man Chiropractic and Acupuncture serves patients from all ages and walks of life. The clinic also provides a community care option for veterans, a service that is near and dear to the Wiegels.

Past injuries early in life introduced both Rachael and Lance to chiropractic care.

“I started seeing a chiropractor when I was injured in dance back in high school. I was interested immediately,” says Rachael. “My love for acupuncture came later when I was treated to alleviate stress while studying for boards in chiropractic school. Again, I was instantly interested and shocked at how much it helped.”

Lance suffered a back injury while weight lifting for football back in high school. That injury brought him before a chiropractor for the first time.

“My local chiropractor was able to get me back on the field playing again and the seed was planted for me,” notes Lance. However, when it came to acupuncture, he needed some convincing.

“At first, I was extremely cynical about it. I remember telling Rachael that it was nothing but smoke and mirrors. But she kept coming home with such great success stories that I could not ignore the fact it was helping many people. So I became licensed and could not be happier as it is a tool I use everyday to help patients with a variety of different problems,” says Lance.

Since opening their door in 2012, the Wiegels have seen a steady increase in patients over the last ten years, which prompted discussions about the need for a new location.

That’s where the SBA 504 Loan and Lewis & Clark Development Group came in.

SBA 504 Loan Helped Wiegels Purchase New Location

The couple was introduced to LCD Group and the SBA 504 program through their lender, Jarrod Auer, at Kirkwood Bank & Trust.

Working with LCD Group, and thanks to the SBA 504 Loan program, the Wiegels were able to purchase and transform the former North Dakota Stockmen’s Association building located at 407 South Second Street in Bismarck. 

“The SBA 504 program was really created with small business owners like the Wiegels in mind,” says Derrick Becker, LCD Group Loan Officer.

The Wiegels were amazed at the process. 

“I honestly was expecting it to be way more stressful,” says Rachael. “At first we had to get our ducks in a row but, once it was in Derrick’s hands, we were amazed at how quickly and easy everything fell into place. When we found out we were approved, we both thought it could not be that easy.”

NDOF Enhanced SBA 504 Package

Becker notes that the SBA 504 Loan program worked exactly as it was in intended by helping the Wiegels purchase their new building but was further enhanced by the North Dakota Opportunity Fund.

“The Wiegels were able to use the North Dakota Opportunity Fund to assist with a small portion of their equity injection into the project,” says Becker. “This is an advantage many of Lewis and Clark’s SBA 504 clients have. We are able to enhance the lending package by tapping into a range of the other programs we offer.”

For Becker and LCD Group’s Small Business Assistance Team it is all about leveraging as many resources as possible to the benefit of LCD Group’s clients.

Investing in Clients

Both Lance and Rachael Wiegel graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN in 2007. Both worked for well-established family clinics in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area following graduation. When in late 2012 they moved back to Rachael’s hometown of Bismarck to open and operate their own chiropractic clinic.

The Wiegels are active in their church and community. Bis-Man Chiropractic and Acupuncture sponsors Rachael’s curling team. Lance coaches his son’s sports teams. And both are members of the Downtowners Association and the Bismarck Mandan Chamber EDC. 

“The Wiegels are obviously dedicated to their patients and contributing to the Bismarck-Mandan community. We are happy to be investing in small business people like them and delighted that the SBA 504 and NDOF programs gave their business the one-two punch it needed,” says Becker.

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Photo Credit: Bis-Man Chiropractic & Acupuncture