SBA 504 Loan helped professionals join forces, create new business and more opportunities for others

Nurse practitioner Michelle Maier and physical therapist Shannon Harms had an idea for a small business. It was a simple enough idea: Combine their experience and expertise to create a new wellness business. Their vision only grew to include expanding the range of services and bringing in other professionals.

They had the idea. They had a vision. They had even found a property – the former Face & Jaw Surgery Center located at 1140 West Capitol Avenue in Bismarck. Now, all they needed was the funding.

It was in working with their lender at Black Ridge Bank that the women were introduced to Lewis & Clark Development Group. And, in the words of Maier: “It made a huge difference.”

Through LCD Group, Maier and Harms were approved for an SBA 504 Loan. With the loan, both women were able to purchase the property, transform it, and acquire necessary equipment.

As a result, Vitality Wellness was born.  The business will provide a range of wellness options including physical therapy, occupational therapy, alternative medicine, IV and ozone treatments, massage therapy, skin care, and anti-aging services. 

In addition to the professional services of Maier and Harms, Vitality Wellness also provides other  independent professionals such as an esthetician, esthetician RN, and massage therapist. Maier, Harms, and other providers operate their own practices under the Vitality Wellness banner.

“Vitality Wellness is a prime example of the multiplier effect the SBA 504 program provides,” says Tracy Whitney, LCD Group SBA 504 Loan officer.

“There’s a reason why the SBA 504 Loan is commonly described as the loan that builds businesses. The loan has allowed Michelle and Shannon to expand their businesses while also creating new business opportunities for others.”

“When our lender told us about Lewis and Clark Development Group, we didn’t know what to expect,” Maier said.

“The experience was great. Tracy (Whitney) and Derrick (Becker) provided superior service, answered our questions, and we’re always there. They’ve truly been awesome.”

More information about Vitality Wellness may be found on their Facebook page or by calling (701) 751-4433.

To learn more about the SBA 504 Loan program, visit our website and contact Tracy Whitney at (701) 667-7602 or 

Photos provided by Michelle Maier