SBA 504 Loan helped transform prairie land into unique wedding and events venue

Right off Highway 52, four miles west of Minot, sits a picturesque hillside surrounded by trees. For those who appreciate the tranquility and beauty of the North Dakota prairie, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more idyllic location. And, over the course of the last two years, the site has seen its share of photographers.

The location has been featured in scores of books throughout the state and region. But you’ll not find these books in bookstores. Instead, you’ll find the books on coffee tables and home bookshelves. They are treasured keepsakes commemorating dozens upon dozens of weddings.

Since 2019, this location has been home to one of North Dakota’s premier event venues, The Barn at 52 Pines.

Owned jointly by couples Lisa and Delton Myers and Amber and Derek Undhjem, The Barn at 52 Pines specializes as a “one stop shop” for weddings, receptions, corporate events, and all types of group retreats and social gatherings.

Co-owner Lisa Myers says finding the perfect piece of land to turn their dream into a reality was one of the quartet’s most difficult tasks. The group considered many properties before settling on what Myers calls the “perfect property.”

The four co-owners had already fallen in love with the venue name ‘The Barn at 52 Pines’ from a previous piece of land they had considered. They decided to keep the name by lining the entrance into the property with 52 pine trees to make the location fit the name.
Having found a location, the couples worked on securing financing. It was here that the SBA 504 Loan program was able to help turn their vision into reality.

The SBA 504 provides small businesses with fixed-rate financing for the purchase of long-term assets. Proceeds can be used for the purchase of land, building, and equipment as well as to finance eligible closing costs. This makes the program ideal for businesses like The Barn at 52 Pines.

The SBA 504 loan is made in conjunction with the borrower’s local financial institution, which provides a first mortgage for up to 50 percent of the project cost.

Like other SBA 504 clients, the quartet was referred by their lender to Lewis & Clark Development Group, which processes the loan as a federally recognized community development company (CDC). Both couples are grateful to have been connected to LCD Group. 

“Lewis and Clark Development Group was great in making sure we submitted all the needed information as working with the SBA can be a time-consuming and tedious process,” notes Myers. “Their professionalism and dedication to helping us through the entire process was outstanding. We recommend Lewis and Clark Development Group to other business owners.”

Thanks to the SBA 504 loan, The Barn at 52 Pines was able to purchase the land and construct ‘The Barn,’ an 8,000 square foot event center, an adjacent bridal suite, and outdoor entertainment amenities.

“We wanted to provide a venue that is unique to our area. We’ve achieved this as there is nothing else like it in central and western North Dakota,” adds Myers who says the venue was meeting projects and expectations when COVID-19 hit.

“COVID-19 was not in our business plan for the first year of being in business,” Myers observes.

Few industries were more adversely impacted by the once-in-a-century pandemic than the event industry. Myers says fortunately many of the couples that had their wedding plans put on hold have stayed with The Barn at 52 Pines. As a result, the venue is booking up into 2022 for weddings and other group gatherings. Myers says they are excited about the next two years.

“People want to get together and we have the perfect venue for almost every type of gathering,” Myers notes.

If you are in the Minot area, make a point to visit The Barn at 52 Pines. And, if you have time, go ahead and count the number of pine trees along the driveway leading into the venue.

“Details matter. The fact that we planted 52 pines to stay consistent with our name shows we give a lot of attention to detail, which is why we’re in the weddings and events business,” says Myers.

To learn more about The Barn at 52 Pines and to view a complete photo gallery, visit 

Click here for more information about the SBA 504 Loan program and how LCD Group can help make your small business dreams come true.

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