Special Community Grant Opportunities Available

Lewis & Clark Development Group’s mission is to provide opportunities to develop North Dakota’s economy and communities through flexible financing and support for businesses and affordable housing.

As part of our mission to provide opportunities, LCD Group is committed to helping groups connect with additional resources that may strengthen North Dakota’s communities. It is in this spirit that we provide information on the following three community grant opportunities. 

Helpful inks are provided below and all questions should be directed to the respective organizations.


Community Heart & Soul Grants

The Community Heart & Soul Seed Grant Program provides $10,000 in startup funding for resident-driven groups in small cities and towns to implement the Community Heart & Soul model. Grant funding requires $10,000 cash match from the participating municipality or a partnering organization. 



Domestic Violence Shelter Grant Program

The Mary Kay Foundation observes National Domestic Violence Awareness Month by awarding grants to deserving women’s domestic violence shelters across the United States. Each year, the foundation awards a grant to at least one domestic violence shelter in every state that applies.

The deadline to apply is April 30, 2021.


Food and Agriculture Service Learning Program

The purpose of the Food and Agriculture Service Learning Program is to increase the knowledge of agricultural science and improve the nutritional health of children. The program’s goal is to increase the capacity for food, garden, and nutrition education within host organizations or entities, such as school cafeterias and classrooms. This initiative is part of a broader effort to not only increase access to school meals for low-income children, but also to dramatically improve their quality. 

The deadline to apply is May 3, 2021.

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